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Vidayutham (2016)

Horror / Romance
Starring: Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar Ram Saravanan Nagamaneci Vettri Kadhal Thandapani Swapna Banerjee and others.
Director: Nagamaneci Writer: Nagamaneci Producer: R N Sreeja Editor: Pradeep Shebin Sebastian Music: Mithun Eswar
Post Production • March 18, 2016

Devathai, who is the daughter of the ex minister Chitravel comes across her first love Kaushik at her grandmother's death.She starts her love adventure to know more about Kaushik. Meanwhile her elder sister Nithya develops a relationship with her father's rival Paddi Alandhan's son Prakash. A special investigating officer Nagaraj is set to unravel the clues and discover the man behind the four mysterious murders which occurred in Chitravel's house.

A.K.A. DE: Santhithen Unnai  ES: Santhithen Unnai  FR: Santhithen Unnai  PT: Santhithen Unnai  RU: Santhithen Unnai