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The New Kid (2015)

Comedy • 81 minutes  6.7/10
Starring: Réphael Ghrenassia Joshua Raccah Géraldine Martineau Guillaume Cloud-Roussel Johanna Lindstedt Max Boublil Eythan Chiche Iléana Courbey and others.
Director: Rudi Rosenberg Screenplay: Rudi Rosenberg Director of Photography: Nicolas Loir Producer: Eric Juhérian Mathias Rubin Editor: Julie Lena Original Music Composer: Jonathan Morali
Released • December 23, 2015

Benoit, the new kid at school, is bullied by a gang of arrogant boys. Determined not to be pushed around, Benoit organizes a big party, but only three students turn up. What if this bunch of losers was to be the best gang ever?

A.K.A. DE: Le Nouveau  ES: El novato  FR: Le Nouveau  PT: Le Nouveau  RU: Le Nouveau