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Synchronicity (2015)

To save his future he must alter his past.
Mystery / Science Fiction / Thriller • 101 minutes  5.5/10
Starring: Chad McKnight Brianne Davis AJ Bowen Scott Poythress Michael Ironside Claire Bronson Ashley Drayton Derek Ryan Duke and others.
Director: Jacob Gentry Story: Alex Orr Screenplay: Jacob Gentry Director of Photography: Eric Maddison Producer: Alexander Motlagh Christopher Alender Editor: Jacob Gentry Music: Ben Lovett
Released • July 22, 2015

A physicist who invents a time machine must travel back to the past to uncover the truth about his creation and the woman who is trying to steal it.

A.K.A. MX: Sincronicidad  RU: Синхронность  TW: 超時空救援任務