Lazy Company | Michael B. Jordan | McKinsey Quarterly – Issue 2, 2012

Night of the Wild (2015)

Pray for Day.
Horror • 89 minutes  3/10
Starring: Rob Morrow Kelly Rutherford Tristin Mays Carmen Tonry Jill Zarin Mary Risener Mary Katherine O'Donnell Bo Boudreaux and others.
Director: Eric Red Writer: Delondra Williams Director of Photography: Spencer Hutchins Producer: David Michael Latt Editor: Ana Florit Original Music Composer: Chris Cano
Released • October 3, 2015

A large meteor crashes into a quiet town, and pet dogs become mysteriously aggressive. attacking and killing the residents. Teenager Roslyn (Mays) and her old but faithful dog Shep are out camping when the attacks hit. Now separated by the chaos in town and blocked roads, Roslyn and the other members of her family must find each other by fighting back against the blood-thirsty hounds before the dogs take over the whole town and escape becomes impossible.