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Marguerite (2015)

Cover your ears and open your heart
Drama • 129 minutes  7/10
Starring: Catherine Frot André Marcon Michel Fau Christa Théret Sylvain Dieuaide Aubert Fenoy Denis Mpunga Sophia Leboutte and others.
Director: Xavier Giannoli Writer: Marcia Romano Screenplay: Xavier Giannoli Director of Photography: Glynn Speeckaert Producer: Marc Missonnier Olivier Delbosc Editor: Cyril Nakache Original Music Composer: Ronan Maillard
Released • September 16, 2015

Paris in the 1920s. Marguerite Dumont is a wealthy woman with a passion for music and the opera. For years, she has performed regularly for a circle of guests. But Marguerite sings tragically out of tune and no one has ever told her. Her husband and her close friends have always encouraged her in her illusions. Things become very complicated the day she gets it into her head to perform in front of a genuine public, at the Opera.

A.K.A. DE: Madame Marguerite oder die Kunst der schiefen Töne  ES: Madame Marguerite  GR: Μαργκερίτ  RU: Маргарита