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Julieta (2016)

Drama / Romance • 99 minutes  7.1/10
Starring: Emma Suárez Adriana Ugarte Daniel Grao Inma Cuesta Darío Grandinetti Michelle Jenner Pilar Castro Nathalie Poza and others.
Director: Pedro Almodóvar Story: Alice Munro Screenplay: Pedro Almodóvar Director of Photography: Jean-Claude Larrieu Producer: Agustín Almodóvar Esther García Editor: José Salcedo Original Music Composer: Alberto Iglesias
Released • April 8, 2016

After a casual encounter, a brokenhearted woman decides to confront her life and the most important events about her stranded daughter.

A.K.A. CN: 胡丽叶塔  ES: Silencio  RU: Джульетта