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Holy Mess (2015)

Comedy / Drama • 108 minutes  5.5/10
Starring: Maria Lundqvist Robert Gustafsson Anastasios Soulis Anton Lundqvist Rakel Wärmländer Michalis Koutsogiannakis Inga Landgré Helena Bergström and others.
Released • November 13, 2015

A gay couple invites their somewhat homophobic families to meet for the first time during Christmas celebration. And they have a special gift in store for them.

A.K.A. DE: Eine schöne Bescherung  DK: En Forbandet God Jul  ES: En underbar jävla jul  FI: A Holy Mess  FR: En underbar jävla jul  NO: En Forbandet God Jul  PT: En underbar jävla jul  RU: En underbar jävla jul