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Binky Nelson Unpacified (2015)

Animation / Family • 5 minutes  6/10
Starring: Michael Keaton Allison Janney Tara Strong Matt Kwaczynski Michael Beattie Katy Mixon and others.
Released • November 4, 2015

The Nelsons go and rob a museum and Binky Nelson loses his pacifier while him and his family were robbing the bank. So Binky Nelson goes back to the museum to get his pacifier back.

A.K.A. DE: Binky Nelson Schnullerlos  ES: Minions: Binky Nelson Unpacified  FR: Binky Nelson sans tétine  PT: Minions: Binky Nelson Unpacified  RU: Неугомонный Бинки Нельсон  US: Minions - Binky Nelson Unpacified