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A Bigger Splash (2015)

Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller • 125 minutes  6.4/10
Starring: Tilda Swinton Matthias Schoenaerts Ralph Fiennes Dakota Johnson Aurore Clément Corrado Guzzanti Lily McMenamy Elena Bucci and others.
Director: Luca Guadagnino Story: Alain Page Screenplay: David Kajganich Director of Photography: Yorick Le Saux Producer: Luca Guadagnino Michael Costigan Editor: Walter Fasano
Released • November 26, 2015

The vacation of a famous rock star and her boyfriend in Italy is disrupted by the unexpected visit of an old friend and his daughter.

A.K.A. CN: 危情后乐园  ES: Cegados por el sol  RU: Большой всплеск